Pad Style Snow Guard Calculator/Estimator

*** This calculator is not intended for solar panels. Please contact Alpine SnowGuards for the proper calculation.***

The pad quantities calculated are for estimating purposes only. If you would like a written layout recommendation and quote please fill out the Layout Request Form on this site.

Ground Snow Load (Pg): ?
The ground snow load (Pg) for this project measured in psf (pounds per square foot). This information is available from your local building inspector.

Roof Pitch: (x:12) ?
The angle of the roof slope or pitch expressed as a ratio.
Eave Length (A): ?
The length of the eave of the roof measured in feet - do not enter fractions or symbols, enter numbers only.
Rafter Length (B): ?
The distance from the eave to the peak of the roof measured in feet - do not enter fractions or any other symbols, enter numbers only.

Permitted Usage: Alpine SnowGuard's Calculator may only be used to estimate the number of Alpine snow guards needed for a project and the layout of those snow guards. The Snow Guard Calculator and Estimator are intended to assist professional roofers, architects and engineers in estimating the number of snow guards needed. All mathematical calculations used on this site should only be considered estimates and should be verified by the project engineer. If these files are used in any way, Alpine must be listed as an approved manufacturer and/or vendor of snow guards used in the project.

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